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"We come together to publicly proclaim their undying love through the celebration of their marriage."

Wedding ceremonies are not a silent occasion. Instead newly weds seek to proclaim their ever-lasting love in sight of their loved ones.


We believe that every wedding service should be unique and memorable to the couple. Choosing the right ceremony and selecting personal details are most important.


As traditions, customs, and beliefs vary greatly between all couples, Marriage Island Wedding Officiants offer you the opportunity to have customary vow readings, presentation of rings or gifts, and public proclamation of marriage. Additionally, music, poetry, prayers or religious readings, are commonly and easily incorporated into your wedding ceremony.


Our ministers and wedding officiants will  help in finding a ceremonial service to  suit every couple's wishes.

"What do we mean by love?

When we love, we see things other do not see.

We see beneath the surface, to the qualities, which make our beloved special and unique."

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"We have been invited here today to witness and celebrate the uniting in marriage of ...."

Opening Words and Introduction

Prayers and Blessings

Giving Away the Bride

Readings Poems

Declaration of Consent (“I Do’s”)

Introduction to the Exchange of Vows

Exchange of Wedding Vows

Exchange of Wedding Rings

Blessing of the Rings

Unity Candle Ceremony

Sand Ceremony

Affirmation of the Community

Love Letter and Wine Box Ceremony

Bride and Groom Thank You

Blessing of the Marriage

Pronouncement of Marriage

Ribbons, Doves, Butterflies & Bubbles

Presentation of Couple

"They are taking the first step of their new beginning ; their new life together."

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